Detail of Hotel Puku Vai on Easter Island


Hotel Puku Vai is an attractive combination of wood and stone, and inspired by the artistic heritage of Easter Island. The hotel is decorated with themes that were important to the ancestors of the island.

Our pool has the shape of Tahonga, the sign of fertility and prosperity. The pool is located in the center of a beautiful garden with tropical flowers and plants.

The entrance, reception, dining hall, bar, passageways, rooms, garden and the poolside can be accessed without stairs.

Our Philosophy

The name of the hotel is derived from the Rapa Nui language. Puku Vai signifies stone and water, respectively. For us, stone symbolizes the civilization and water represents nature.

Hotel Puku Vai co-exists in perfect harmony with nature – as a monument to honor the creations of the ancient culture of Easter Island.


Our services include:

  • Bar and Restaurant

    Bar and Restaurant

  • Outdoors Swimming Pool

    Outdoors Swimming Pool

  • Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi Internet

  • Easter Island Tours

    Easter Island Tours


Hotel Puku Vai is located 3 blocks from the main street. The street address is Av. Hotu Matua s/n.

Regardless of the nearby airport, the location is peaceful since there is only 1-3 daily flights. Additionally, none of the discos or event centers located in the main street can be heard.

The main attractions of Hanga Roa, including some of the archeological sites such as Ahu Tahai, are at the walking distance from the Hotel Puku Vai. Hiking to volcan Rano Kau or bicyckling to the main beach Anakena are popular choices, as well.

Hotel Puku Vai was constructed to a location that has no archeological or cultural value and, thus, no harm was caused to the heritage of the island. The construction materials were shipped from the mainland Chile to reduce the negative impact to the enviroment of Easter Island to the very minimum.

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