• Full Day Tour of Kia Koe Tour
  • Full Day Tour of Kia Koe Tour
  • Full Day Tour of Kia Koe Tour

Full Day Tour: Anakena & Rano Raraku

Tour includes archeological sites as follows:

  • Ahu Vaihu – The platform of moais that were toppled down during tribal wars.
  • Ahu Akahanga – The remains of an ancient village including groundings of the boat houses.
  • Rano Raraku – The amazing quarry of the moais including stone giants of various ages and sizes. Here you will learn how moais were created and transported.
  • Ahu Tongariki – The greatest of all platforms with 15 moais is a stunning sight.
  • Ahu Te Pito Kura – The greatest of all moais that was moved to its platform and the legendary Naval Stone that now symbolizes the centre of the world.
  • Ahu Nau Nau – The platform of 7 moais with detailed decorations.
  • Anakena – The white coral sand beach.

Tour duration is approximately 7 hours and includes a Picnic Lunch near Rano Raraku.

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