• Full Day Tour of Kia Koe Tour
  • Full Day Tour of Kia Koe Tour
  • Full Day Tour of Kia Koe Tour

Full Day Tour: Akivi & Orongo

Tour includes archeological sites as follows:

  • Ahu Akivi – The unique platform is the only one with moais facing Pacific Ocean.
  • Ahu Tahai – This ancient platform holds a significant position in the history of the island.
  • Puna Pau – The volcanic crater containing reddish scoria stone, the quarry of redtops for moais.
  • Ahu Vinapu – This site includes a remarkable basalt platform that is similar to stone walls of Inca Empire.
  • Rano Kau – One of the most beautiful craters of the world and a lake at the bottom of it.
  • Orongo – The Ceremonial Village where you will see the petroglyphs and hear about the history of Birdman Competition.

Full Day Tour: Akivi & Orongo is available only as a Private Service.

Tour duration is approximately 7 hours including a lunch break. Lunch is not included.

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